Contrary to what many people think, God is not a magic genie obligated to answer our prayers whenever we ask with the right words and the right technique. He’s the sovereign Lord who answers our prayers as they align with his values and priorities. Bill Simpson has written a compelling book that explores the New Testament ‘Kingdom Come Prayers’ revealing the kind of prayers that align our heart and priorities with our Lord’s agenda. 
— Dr. Larry Osborne: author of 5 bestselling books and pastor of North Coast Church, recognized as one of the 10 Most Influential Churches in America.

You are about to learn, directly from the pages of the Bible, how to keep Jesus' words in you so that your prayers are in complete alignment with his will. Read How To Ask God to;

  • Build your confidence that you are consistently praying according to God's will

  • Grow your desire to want to pray more frequently as you learn to use God's very words

  • Experience more of God's power and wisdom for every situation you face

  • Sharpen your focus as you learn how to utilize Jesus' outline for praying

  • Strengthen your faith in asking expectantly for God's kingdom to come

  • Deepen your relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit 

  • Grow your Small Group/Bible Study members in intimacy and spiritual maturity

  • Strengthen your marriage as you and your spouse learn how to pray more effectively for, and with, each other

  • Embolden your church's leaders to pray with the perseverance and power of Paul and his team


Build your confidence as you learn to pray the very words of God!

Learn to pray for God's kingdom to come

Jesus gave us a clear and strategic outline to use when we pray. His outline is the key to having a right perspective when talking with our Father. Paul gave us four powerful prayers that teach what it means to ask God for his kingdom to come. Together, these passages reveal how to ask God according to his will. 

How to Ask God is a perfect Small Group and Bible study resource consisting of seven chapters, each concluding with five engaging discussion questions. A "Leader's Guide" in the above drop-down list walks the leader through each discussion question with tips about the content and how to help everyone engage in the discussion.