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If we’re confident in who we are, why we’re here, and what we’re to do, life is full of meaning. In order to have this kind of unwavering confidence, clarity in discerning truth is absolutely essential.

How rapidly is our society changing? What kind of impact is the decay of morality having on you? How do you feel about the sexual revolution that is sweeping our nation? What is moral? Who is right? What is truth?

I write books and articles, and publish a podcast, to help people understand how to live out God’s truths in their daily lives. Period. That’s why I strive to inspire confidence and infuse clarity in everything I write and publish. I really don’t have anything to say, but I have a lot of encouragement to give regarding what God says.

Jesus promised us an abundant life. No, that doesn’t mean we will have all the health and wealth we want. His version of an abundant life means we can live in a confident and hope-filled relationship with he and his Father. And that changes everything.

Take a few minutes to explore my site. Whether it’s a book, a blog, an article or a podcast episode, you can find nourishment for your soul, encouragement for your heart, and insights for your mind.

Thank you for choosing to visit my site.

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What Men Crave - Amazon Release 10/24

Bill’s latest book explores a man’s RAH cravings - Respect, Admiration, and Honor.

- Are you finding it challenging to be a man of honor? - Are you living up to the full potential of the man God created you to be? - Would you like to be more effective at encouraging the men you work with? - Do you really understand the heart of the man you married?

The mark of a great man is this: he understands his core needs which fuels his ability to effectively inspire himself and the men around him.


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Improve your marriage by reading Bill’s article on Marriage.com


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How To Ask God - for What He Wants to Give You

Jesus promised that if we ask according to his Father’s will, every request will be answered. But knowing how to ask in alignment with his will is the question. Bill reveals the answer to this powerful question by showing how to pray God’s words back to him.

Take 10 to Méno is a devotional book through the letter to the Colossians. Each reading takes 10 minutes to complete. Méno is the New Testament Greek word for “remain” and “abide”.

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10 Minutes a Day

To remain grounded in Christ and to feed your soul, daily intake is critical. Enrich your confidence and enlighten your mind.

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It Don’t Come Easy…

You know it don’t come easy. But it does come. Whether you’ve learned how to play an instrument, excelled in Excel, gotten in shape, or competed in athletics, you experienced success through proper training and regular repetition.

If you are going to be transformed by the power of Christ, you must give yourself to training your mind. A new mind-set comes from taking direct control of your thoughts. THAT requires strength beyond your own ability. And your Father is more than willing to help as you do your part - asking and listening. Every day. Throughout the day.

Take 10 minutes either listening or reading, to allow Him to guide your heart and mind.

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Seeing Truth, Living in Confident Faith

Peter was actually walking on water! His sandals were soaked but the rest was high and dry. He had the guts to get out of the boat and give a shot at defying gravity.

But everything changed in a moment. He began to sink as soon as he turned his gaze to the waves and wind - his very compelling circumstances.

That’s your story and mine too. Life screams at us, demanding that we give our full attention to every circumstance and challenge. And just like Pete, we sink when we lose sight of the One who is life.

The fantastic reality is that Jesus never loses sight of us. He can’t! He is always there, extending a hand to pull us back up. To help us regain a proper focus. He longs to help us set our sights on his priorities and perspectives.

May you be strengthened by his power today to be conscience of the Kingdom that is both here and coming.

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3 Essentials for Powerful Worship Music

Whether you write praise and worship music, or you are a worship pastor/director, there are 3 keys (excuse the pun) to inspiring a congregation to worship God in spirit and in truth.

1. The most important aspect of great praise and worship music is that the lyrics align with the Bible, with truth. This point cannot be overstated. In order to help people rightfully celebrate God's greatness through song, the words they sing must agree completely with His words. For every point a song makes, it should have a Scriptural basis. If the lyrics are biblically true, the emphasis of the song will be God-centric, rather than an over-emphasis on people or experience. Here’s the question to ask with every line in the song: Where is this found in the Bible? If you are not super knowledgable about the Bible, ask someone who is. Make sure you are leading your people to sing only what is absolutely true about the Father, the Son, the Spirit, and the Kingdom.

Example: Songs that talk about Jesus being the "Lion of Judah" and the "Lamb of God" are correct, but which title should have the most emphasis? Jesus' title of "the Lion of the tribe of Judah" is found only once, in Revelation 5:5. However, he is God's Lamb twice in John's gospel and fourteen times in the Revelation. To refer to Jesus as the Lion of Judah is correct, but the prominent title in the Bible, by an overwhelming margin, is "the Lamb".

2. Key selection is critical if you want the entire congregation to have the opportunity to sing. The majority of worship songs are recorded in vocal ranges that average human beings, especially men, cannot sing. Therefore, songs need to be put into singable keys for the average guy, if you want to ensure that everyone can equally join in the worship. I'm in lots of different churches and for the most part, the men that are singing are in the minority. In addition to keys that are too high, using songs that octave up are very difficult for most people to sing well, again especially men. That doesn't mean you have to jettison the many songs that octave up in the recording. Simply find the best key and use instrumentation to add energy rather than raising it vocally. Continually ask yourself: What is the best key for this song for my congregation? There is a perfect key for each song sung by every church.

3. And for the final question: Is this song actually singable by a large group, or a small group? The size of your gathering makes a big difference regarding “singability”. If you’re selecting the songs, then make the question very personal. Can your church family sing this song well? Is it more of a performance song or can the whole group easily sing it together?

To summarize: Worship songs must be biblically pure, sung in the best key for everyone, and singable as a group.

Who am I to offer such unwavering opinions? I'm a man who loves music, loves the Lord, loves His Church, and has been in a plethora of church services almost every Sunday since the spring of 1982. I served for years as a volunteer guitarist in a praise band, and was then led by the Lord into vocational ministry. I have served as a long-term missionary in Africa, as a senior pastor in NC, and as senior/worship pastor in SC. Like Farmers with insurance, I know a thing or two about worship.

Grace to you all.